#224 & #225 Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Tarkus & Pictures At An Exhibition

Emerson, Lake & Palmer put out two albums in 1971. The first album was their second studio album Tarkus, which was considered a failure by some critics and the third album was Pictures At An Exhibition, a live album. ELP is a progressive rock band.

I thought Yes did a good job of creating prog rock, but ELP it not really my cup of coffee. The stdio album has one song over 20 minutes. I hate long meaningless crap. The band is talented, but the songs are not catchy. 5/10.


ELP’s live album is actually better than their studio album. I do hate the cheers from the audience. I think my biggest problem is that the vocals are not spectacular. The music is good. None of the songs are going to make my favourite’s list, but if one did it might be “The Great Gates of Kiev” or “Nutrocker“. 6/10

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