#494 Rush – Moving Pictures

Rush‘s Moving Pictures is one the albums that I have heard of and listened to quite a few times. Obviously I had a friend who was a fan, but I cannot remember which one. He or she is not important now. Progressive rock is not a genre that I love, unless all the elements come together to make something incredible. Rush at this time had it right. The vocals, the music, the feeling and the lyrics were perfect.

Of course, we all know the classic hit “Tom Sawyer“. It is a masterpiece for me. I really like the feeling of this song. The other day a friend listened to it and he thought it was a woman singing. I had to laugh because I do not hear it, but I wondered if I thought it back in the 80s.

I like all the songs, except “YYZ“. Life is short and I am particular about the instrumental songs I listen to. “Limelight” is a favourite for many years. I rediscovered “Witch Hunt“; it is a moving song. And it ends on a good note with “Vital Signs“.

This album was so good that I listened to Rush a little beyond it, but eventually the 80s were over and I had moved on in my musical taste. I was never big on prog rock, but Rush made me one for a few years in my youthful days. Also, it is a good album to run to if you are into exercising. 9.8/10.

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