#536 Minor Threat – Out of Step

Minor Threat, a hardcore punk band, released their debut album Out of Step in either 1983 or 1984. The book, 1001 Albums…, states 1984, but I read in other places that it was in 1983. I do not believe the book. I have never heard of this band, but they ended in 1983 and only released one album.

If I had to pick a song on the album (by gunpoint) it would be “Look Back and Laugh“.

The music is hard and fast. The singing or shouting sounds mostly unintelligible, although I am sure it is about politics and such. I did not hate it, but I could not feel moved by it so I did not love it. None of the songs screamed to be listened to again, at least by me. Fortunately, the album is extremely short at just over 21 minutes. The album cover design was great.

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