#701 Slint – Spiderland

I have never heard of Slint. They broke up after making their second album Spiderland. It is considered a foundational post-rock album. The album deals with the theme of alienation. Supposedly the band was a bit on the mental side.

This album is so weirdly good. It is definitely not for everyone. The vocals are mostly under the music and seem to be conversations, perhaps one-sided conversations. I feel most of my conversations are one-sided, perhaps most of them are me, myself and i. I do not have anyone close enough to really listen to me. Most people do not want to hear what is inside my head. I have some weird thoughts.

I believe all the songs are worth checking out, especially if you learn toward post-rock. I enjoyed it because it was different than the previous albums I have suffered though in 1991. The songs are a bit long, but there are only six of them. 8.9/10

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