#990 The Libertines – The Libertines

The Libertines frontmen Carl Barât and Pete Doherty are very interesting bandmates. The seem like best mates who love and hate each other. Doherty’s drug addiction has overshadowed their music at times. Barât stated it was the cause of their break up, but Doherty disagrees. Doherty has unsuccessfully gone to rehab many times, but he cannot stay clean. He is a tragedy waiting to happen. Fans are surprised to hear he is still alive. They released their eponymous second album in 2004. It was removed from the list in later editions.

It was not easy to decide which songs I liked. This is the sort of album I could play and let it play without skipping songs, except maybe “Don’t Be Shy”. It is my least favourite song. I did like “Campaign of Hate”, “What Katie Did”, “Music When the Lights Go Out”, and most of the rest of the album.

Overall, I recommend the album to anyone who likes garage rock revival music. I like the vocals of both singers. They mesh well together. 8/10.

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