#1003 Green Day – American Idiot

Green Day is one of the bands that I used to listen to back in the day. American Idiot was their seventh studio album and of course I had it on MP3. Originally they were recording their next album Cigarettes and Valentines, but the master tapes were stolen so they decided to start over. Wise choice. They created a punk rock opera which was a huge success with the fans and many critics. Some critics hated it, especially Robert Christgau of The Village Voice and Uncut.

My favourite songs are “Jesus of Suburbia“, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams“, “Holiday“, “Homecoming”, and of course “Wake Me Up When September Ends“. I realised why I love this album and the latter song so much; it reminds me of my best friend Tamás in Hungary. We used to listen to this album and especially that song a lot back in those great years.

Overall, I think this is a great album, possibly amazing. It is my opinion. I am not sure about the opera part of it. I do not get the whole story of Jesus of Suburbia, a lower-middle-class American adolescent anti-hero. It is not as obvious to me as some previous albums from other bands that I could hear the common thread throughout the album. Maybe if I had seen the stage production, then I would see it. As for the album, I liked every song. I will dock the score a little for the storyline. 9.7/10.

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