#1051 White Denim – D

I am going to try to speed through the rest of the extras on the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. I do not want to be doing this in 2021. I have about 30 albums left in two weeks. That is approximately three albums a day. Luckily some of them I have heard multiple times, some of them I know I hate, and some will be new to me. I want to spread my wings into more creative writing again. It is time!

White Denim? Isn’t that kind of racist? What is wrong with black denim? Okay, I am happy that I am not doing a political blog. I would make people angry. This is a band I have never heard of at all. I have not even heard of those two words ever put together, especially after Labour Day. D is the band’s fourth album.

“Street Joy” was probably my favourite song on the album, but I did hear one terrible song.

Overall, this album was good. I thought it was odd it received so much love from the critics. I think when artists create older sounding music the critics fall all over themselves. Perhaps the marriage of indie rock, garage rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, and Southern rock was a bit unexpected in 2011. 6.7/10.

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