#1052 Adele – 21

Adele! Who hasn’t heard of her? I mean really who? I remember her second album 21 so clearly. I was living in Budapest and everything was going good for me. I may have been stressed financially, but I had friends, food, and a flat. What made this album different is that other artists were singing about sex, but Adele was singing about the heart and we all wanted it.

My favourite songs were and still are “Someone like You”, “Rolling in the Deep”, “One and Only“, “He Won’t Go” “Rumour Has It”, “Turning Tables”, “Set Fire to the Rain”, “Don’t You Remember”, and the whole album. I think there is only one misstep on the whole album; The Cure’s song “Lovesong” should not be covered by anyone, especially when it sounds like a lounge song.

Okay, I will not waste time. This is a pure pop masterpiece. Adele has a beautiful voice and she knows how to write songs that hits the heart of even the most cynical person. 10/10.

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