#238 Harry Nilsson – Nilsson Schmilsson

Nilsson Schmilsson from American singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson has at least one song I know.

Without You” is that song. Yes, the same one Mariah Carey covered and made her own. But. Before Mariah Carey there was Harry Nilsson’s version. Actually before that was the original Badfinger song and the extremely sad history of the songwriters. Pete Ham and Tom Evans wrote the song, but they were screwed over by their business manager, Stan Polley. Ham hanged himself. He left behind a pregnant wife. A few years later Evans, who never got over Ham’s suicide and had the same problems with the royalties to this song did the same thing. I actually knew of this story from years ago. I like reading music history. I love both versions of it, but I do not like Badfinger’s OG version. I hate they clip off the lines.

As for the rest of the album. I have heard one other song called “Coconut“. It is a bit of a goofy song. I vaguely remember thinking that as a child.

I like one other song “The Moonbeam Song“. It sounds dreamy as one would guess from the title.

The album as a whole fails to live up to that one hit song. It is not a terrible album, but it is not a great one either. Without “Without You” this album would have gone by unnoticed. 5/10.

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