#585 Peter Gabriel – So

Peter Gabriel‘s So is an album I have heard of, but I only know the couple of hit songs from it. This is Gabriel’s third and final album on the list. I thought his other ones were good, but not great. 

I think I like the songs on this album better than when I heard them in the 80s. I think one of the best song is “Don’t Give Up“, which features Kate Bush. They make magic together. They should have made an album together.

My favourite song has to be “In Your Eyes“. It is iconic because of the film Say Anything… John Cusack holding up the stereo to Ione Skye‘s window is forever burned into our minds as one of the most romantic gestures ever.

Sledgehammer” was the biggest hit. It had one of the most innovative videos of the time.

Overall, this is a great album from Gabriel. It has quite a few gems that still sound great over 30 years later. I think by making the album more commercial, he became more accessible. I wish I had given it more of a chance back in the 80s. 9/10.


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