#590 R.E.M. – Document

Document is R.E.M.‘s second album on the list. It is their first album which they co-produced. This was their first platinum album and it gave them their first hit single. They were moving into the spotlight. They remind of my best friend from the early 90s. He was a big fan of the band. Actually, I think several of my friends liked them a lot.

This album has many great songs, but the most popular are “The One I Love“, “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)“, and “Finest Worksong“. All three are great songs and should be listened to if you are pressed for time.

Overall, this is a great album at least until it hits “Lightnin’ Hopkins“. It was a weird song. I would have left it off of the album. Unfortunately, the weirdness continues with “King of Birds” and “Oddfellows Local 151”. It never recovers and I think it is unforgivable to end on a bad song. 9/10.

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