#781 Orbital – Snivilisation

I am sure that I had Orbital’s third album Snivilisation. I just do not remember if I liked it or not. I was a fan of ambient and techno music even in the 90s. Q magazine put the album in “The 25 Best Dance Albums Ever” in 1997. I wonder where it stands now.

This is an album I will not separate by songs. I feel that is one piece with ten parts. It is great to play for a party as background music or for some people it might be great to relax to it. My overall impression is that the rhythm is going to get you. This album is infectious. It borrows from all the greats, such as Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, and Giorgio Moroder, then flips it over and reinvents a new sound. This album is like seeing an old friend that you loved so much, but fell apart and have returned to each other as if one day has not passed between you. 10/10.

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