#964 Calexico – Feast of Wire

Calexico‘s Feast of Wire is an album I have not heard much of until now. I know the band from their music with Iron & Wine. I just discovered they released another album together last year titled Years to Burn. I will have to give it a listen later. Anyway, this is Calexico’s fourth album. I do not have confidence in it because it contains alternative country and Tex-Mex. Sounds terrible.

I was surprised that I actually liked a couple songs. My favourite song was “Black Heart”. I also liked “Not Even Stevie Nicks…”. It is a song about suicide, at least that is what I got out of it. There are a few instrumentals and they are good.

Overall, it was too country and too Mexican for me. It was not my cup of coffee. But if you like country, then you might like it. 5.5/10.

3 thoughts on “#964 Calexico – Feast of Wire

  1. Oh my goodness, Ocean. You will be done with this at the end of September or there about. Will you do a recap once you complete all 1000? Maybe do a self assessment of your experience? ~J

    1. That is a thought. I will probably cry when I am done. 🙂 It is actually 1001 Albums… I will also review the ones that have been removed from later editions. I was thinking of adding a few that I would have put into the book.

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