Colorado DMV is Unorganised


A horrible photo of my day.
A horrible photo of my day.

This was the most adventurous day i have had in a long time.

In the morning i went to take my driving license test, but realized that i had checked the wrong item on the on-line site of the DMV. i was not the only one, many before me have done the same, so the Colorado DMV is unorganised and behind the times, or at least the Longmont branch is. The written test is in pencil and you are not supplied a rubber.

The DMV employee suggested that i hire a private driver to give me the driving test, so i searched the list for the testers in Longmont, but there was only one or two, so i called them, but they did not answer the phone. i tried one in Boulder and she recommended one in Longmont, which was not listed.

While this is happening, a lady came in with the same problem and she began talking to me about it. We were both trying to get our license. She (Melissa) found one in Fort Collins, but he was busy in the morning hours playing golf. i had thought golf was for the rich, perhaps his secretary meant he was playing Putt-Putt, either way we decided that he might be a bit tipsy after it.

We, along with another person that needed a driving test scheduled with the private tester to take our test in the afternoon.

i had thought i would have to sit in the DMV for 4 hours or so before the testing time, but Melissa offered to give me a ride anywhere i needed to go, so i went to Front Range Community College to speak with an advisor about entering the school in August. The advisor was very helpful and happened to have Hungarian parents. She was born here, but she knew a bit of Hungarian and about the great cuisine.

Melissa picked me after this and took me out to lunch at Chipotle. i enjoyed the company more than food, but i appreciated it because i had not eaten.

After lunch, we visited the Great Harvest Bread Company. i had never been there and the cashier gave me a free loaf of bread for being a new customers. Awesome. i told the cashier that i love America because they give you free food.

We still had a couple of hours left before the test, so we went to Main Street. We visited a bookstore, Happy Cakes and a new bakery that is 100% gluten-free. i told the cashier i need more gluten in my food. We departed.

After a bit of driving around it was time for the test. Melissa took her test first and then i took mine. We both passed it. i actually had only one error on my driving test. She was extremely generous and paid for my test. i was really humbled by it. Thank you so very much.

We went back to the DMV, where we saw the teenage boy who had taken the driving test before us, and his mother. The DMV is really slow in Longmont. We all shared some laughs about it.

After getting my photo taken, Melissa and i took each other’s photo of our achievement, then departed our separate ways.

Melissa, my driving test friend.
Melissa, my driving test friend.

My day was not over.

i drove the car home, received money for house-sitting, which was not necessary, but greatly appreciated since i am not working. i asked all the places i visited today for work, but all of them had hired for the summer.

Then i met with Chef Rosie, my tutor at school, and her husband Dan, a musician among other things, for a visit and to listen to Dan play music at Front Range Brewing. i had my favourite beer Rum Runner Quad. It is like candy in a glass in liquid form.

It was the best day that i have had in a long time. i needed this day. Thank you to all those people who took part in a great day.

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